Daylight Saving Time or DST for short has been used for more than 100 years already, although it may have some advantages it has more disadvantages that can easily outweigh the advantages. Studies and surveys has shown that only one third of the American people see the purpose of daylight saving time, and almost one third of the American people find it relatively annoying and not really needed. This article will try to provide you insight on all the disadvantages of end daylight savings and why it is needed to stop this traditional practice.

Sure changing the clock for the day can indeed give you an hour of extra sleep but it can cause negative side effects to most people. Studies have shown that changing clocks can make their daily routines off and it can make them feel sleepy and sluggish and would not be capable of doing anything. This is mostly due to the fact that our bodies would not be able to cope the forced change to our daily routine. A simple time shift can savagely impact our Circadian Rhythms. The worst part is at the end of daylight saving time it can seriously affect ones mood, activity, appetite, attitude, mental alertness and even heart function as well. It is also shown by people that daylight saving time can make the roads far more safer since they say we get more daylight hours. But a lot of studies have even linked Daylight Saving Time to car accidents, miscarriages and workplace injuries, so basically accidents increases whenever the clocks changes. To read more about the benefits of daylight savings, go to

In the past, when daylight saving time was first introduced it was meant for us to conserve energy since we will be getting more daylight. But in this modern times when most people have computers, televisions, air conditioning, mobile phones and other electrical appliances we no longer save energy, we basically use the same amount of energy no matter if the sun is up or not. That is why daylight saving time is no longer a good way for us to save energy and it should always be out of the argument. So overall, daylight saving time is not only harmful to us mentally and physically, but it can also cause more accidents. And the worst part is that we do not actually save energy whenever we do this traditional at all. So if you would like to end daylight saving time yourself, please view here to see more info. Check this site to know more!