Even though the practice of forwarding our clocks one hour ahead in March has been religiously observed for quite some time, it has been shown the phenomenon has no scientific benefits associated with it. The advantages floated by proponents of daylight savings have come to a cropper upon close scrutiny.

Most of the people pushing for its ending state the practice is not only mythical but primitive in this time and age. That the practice was commenced during World War One as a strategy for saving energy as people slept more is in itself laughable as it smacks of archaism and bereft of any purpose. In fact, the End Daylight Saving Time purported in countries that like India that adopted the system some few years ago cancelled out any perceived any perceived advantages.

Forcing people to be in their beds earlier than usual increased fuel usage as people resorted to air conditioning to cope with heat present around the daytime savings period. Extended daylights also encouraged heightened activities that included moving using vehicles thereby raising petrol consumption. International airlines have their flight schedules significantly interfered with resulting in delays and lost income. For further details regarding daylight savings, go to https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/astronomy-and-space-exploration/astronomy-general/time-zone.

Daylight savings have similar effect on people as what jet lag has after a prolonged travel. This can bring about health complications that include mood swings, depression, interference in sleeping patterns and inhibition of our bodies' metabolic rates. The rhythmic activities of our bodies are also adversely affected. In effect this further brings about general imbalance and lack of stability in our bodily processes.

That instability has led to the impairment of most of the functions in the body. This has seen significant rise in motor vehicle related accidents, appreciated stress levels and injuries sustained in workplaces. The latter scenario lead to decreased productivity in businesses and increased costs in medical care. Cases of heart related ailments like cardiac arrests have grown significantly.

For school going children having to wake unusually early and wait to catch transport to school in darkness is obviously a threat to their security. The farmers who were cited as the principal beneficiaries of the End Daylight Saving Time have supported its stoppage for the havoc it has wrought on their work and livestock. The feeding habits of the animals have suffered disruption and farmers find it hard to take their produce to the markets due to decreased sunlight times. Since the daylight savings time are not subject to some form of conformity international relations between countries are affected since different nations observe DSTs at varying times.